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Minami Ozaki gallery 7

some of you know that some of the pics from minami ozaki contain swastika's, of course the pics are quite beautiful in themselves but my sense of ethics and morals forbids me to put them up, there are a lot of minami ozaki pics and i think these galleries can do fine without those, if you want to see you'll have to go on other sites or buy the artbooks. I don't at all imply that she is a nazi, far from me the idea, i know it's just for the purpose of her stories, but it is my own choice not to put them up, so if any of you do see a swastika pic somewhere on my site please tell me so i can replace it by something else, meanwhile, here are some more great pics of hers

if you want to borrow pics, E-mail me, we'll link sites, but at least give me some credit, after all it is hard to scan these you know

ok, enough babbling, i'll let you get to the pics

the page takes a little time to load, but don't worry, it's not that long and it's worth it
just click on the thumbnails to see the images in big, if a link or a thumbnail is out, E-mail me



Disclaimer: all this pics belong to Minami Ozaki, so don't sue me, i have no money!! And if you want to borrow a pic or two, please tell me and we'll link sites, thank you

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